Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Guide

A Guide To Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

Thomas Sabo Introduction

About Thomas Sabo

Founded by Thomas Sabo in 1984, the company has a fascination for creating innovative accessories based on a love of fashion. By the end of the 1980’s, the company had become one of the most successful brands for innovative silver jewellery in the German speaking world. 2006 saw the introduction of the Thomas Sabo Charm Club Collection which was and remains extremely successful. Over the years the company have been associated with A list personalities such as Katy Perry, Poppy Delevigne, Nico Rosberg and Georgia May Jagger who have all been brand ambassadors. 2014 saw the launch of Karma Beads, with the wheel of Karma as the showstopping centrepiece. The diversity and appeal of the collection is how you can combine different collections together to create your own style and look.



The Karma Bead collection is a new charm concept from Thomas Sabo. Consisting of a range of bead charms, each with a symbolic meaning, you can combine with other Thomas Sabo pieces to create you own individual style and express your karma. Celebrating the joy of life, the collection is inspired by a positive energy and an appreciation of the beauty of the every day. The centrepiece of the whole collection is the stunning “Wheel of Karma” alongside over 70 beads, allowing you to create endless, creative combinations to express your style.

Pandora Essence Introduction

Karma Collection Explained

What makes the Karma Bead Collection special is that each of the beads have a unique and positive meaning. There is a combination of classic metals, pave stone set beads for added glamour, and a stunning spectrum of natural stone beads. All are high quality, intricately designed, and possess a distinct symbology. Designs range from cute and exotic animals of the land to treasures of the deep and vast ocean. You can keep to the basics with smooth stone and pearls or incorporate a bit of glam with colourful pave’ beads. Whether you are a romantic or a rocker, the Karma Collection is so diverse and extensive that you can create a multitude of looks. This collection is perfect for men and women alike, and the different meanings make it the perfect gift for a loved one. From figurative and romantic to glam and rebel, give the gift of good karma!

The level of detail and craftsmanship is stunning, with all the beads crafted from Sterling silver, stones which are hand set, and each clasp finished off with a detailed depiction of the wheel of Karma. Add the beads as desired, whether you go for a simple, minimalistic style showcasing one bead, or have it “fully loaded”- this collection allows you to create a very personal item of jewellery. Karma Beads not only look great with other pieces from the Karma Collection, they look equally beautiful mixed with other collections. Create your unique mix-and-match style for every outfit as these beads can be dressed up or down. Layering Thomas Sabo Karma bracelets with a Thomas Sabo watch makes a powerful statement with any outfit.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Eyes to be reflective
and contemplative
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Concentrates energy
and imagination
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Believed to strengthen musical skills
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Arabesque strengthens the artistic sensibilities
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Represents expressiveness and wisdom
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Ignites joy
and passion
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Symbolises the radiant power of eternal love
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Stands for friendship
and sincerity
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Gives emotional stability and provides protection
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Expresses elegance
and femininity
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Eminate romance
and love
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Believed to have a relaxing effect
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Protects against evil & gives positivity
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Lends character goodness & tender-heartedness
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Wards off negative thoughts
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads
Lucky charm for travellers and adventurers

What is the Difference Between Thomas Sabo Karma Beads and The Charm Club?

The main difference between the two collections is the base bracelet and bead stylings. As Karma Beads are not pendants, you cannot affix them to Charm Club bracelets. However, with a Karma Bead bracelet, you can attach the Charm Club charms with Karma Bead carrier charms. Simply clip the Charm Club charms onto the carrier hoop and start building your collection.


Feel free to add your Charm Club Charms and pendants to your Karma Bead bracelet with a Karma bead carrier- not only will they fit, but they will create an attractive and unique styling together. Change it up for every occasion!

Pandora Essence Introduction

Combine and Create Your Karma Style

Pandora Bracelets
Select your Thomas Sabo Karma starter bracelet on which to place your charms. Silver is the most popular style starter bracelet, however Blackened Silver provides an edgier look and is ideal for men. Additionally, the Thomas Sabo Black Cotton Karma bracelet is available for a softer look. The easy to open folding clasp is finished with an intricately detailed Karma Wheel design that brings out a unique elegance to your piece.
Pandora Charms
Your Karma Beads will slide easily onto the bracelet, however the beauty of these bracelets is found in their versatility and distinctive qualities! Pair figurative beads with romantic rose accents, or pave’ styles with quartz - attract harmony with Maharani Aqua or White Jade beads, or ward off stress and anger with the Howlite bead.
Pandora Safety Chains
Wear your Karma on Necklaces - Add Thomas Sabo Pendants if you wish to create a distinctive look. Why not mix and match to wear your beads on a bracelet one day, and on a necklace the next!

Style tip: Spin the chain so the clasp and beads are on the side for a different look. Use the clasp as a charm itself! Its beautiful, why not show it off?
Pandora Necklaces
Protective yet stylish! Safety chains are designed to keep your bracelet securely on your wrist whilst also adding a stylish touch. You may also use stoppers on either side of your beads to keep them in the centre of bracelet, allowing you to showcase your Karma combination.
Thomas Sabo Karma Earrings
Karma beads versatility does not stop at bracelets and necklaces. In fact, you can wear your favourite karma beads on Thomas Sabo hoop earrings. Simply slide the bead onto the hoop.
Thomas Sabo Engraving


Engraving allows the wearer to carry a special message with them everywhere and is a fantastic keepsake gift. We provide high definition laser engraving on the Thomas Sabo Rose Heart Karma Bead to both the front and back of your bead. The Karma Beads’ versatility allows for your personalised karma bead to be added to a Karma bracelet, necklace, or earrings so you can share your message with pride. Furthermore, you can attach any engraved Sabo Charm Club charm to a Karma Carrier Bead so that you can transform your bracelets to fit your own style!

Due to the quality of our high definition laser engraving we are proud to say we are authorised engravers of Thomas Sabo products.

What our Customers Say About Our Service

We’re proud to deliver the highest levels of customer service to thousands of customers worldwide. Check out our reviews at TrustPilot.

I am entirely happy with all the purchases of Thomas Sabo jewellery from yourselves. I ordered the items as presents and was very impressed with your prompt and efficient service and would not hesitate to order from yourselves again. Many thanks for a stress free shopping experience! Sarah
I have used John Greed many times now for Thomas Sabo items and have always been very impressed with the service. Delivery is always fast and I always have the reassurance that the items are the genuine article. Lisa
Easy to navigate website. Fab choice of thomas sabo charms. And support from customer services if needed after order placed. Recommend to all my friends all the time. Michelle

Frequently asked questions

The Karma Bead collection is a new charm concept from Thomas Sabo. Consisting of a range of bead charms, each with a symbolic meaning, you can combine with other Thomas Sabo pieces to create you own individual style and express your karma.

The best feature about the Thomas Sabo Karma collection is that you can mix and match Charm Club charms with your Karma beads! Karma beads slide directly on the Karma Bead Bracelet and with a carrier charm, you can clip your Charm Club charms on too to create a gorgeous bracelet. The Charm Club charms will add a pendant ‘charm’ to your Karma Bracelet and allow you to create your own unique piece while providing the versatility to swap out Charm Club charms and Karma Beads for every outfit.

- Ornate manual workmanship
- Hand-polished semi-precious stones
- Freshwater cultivated pearls
- Unique 18k yellow gold or rose gold plating

- Thomas Sabo Karma Bracelets are available in 9 sizes up to size 24cm
- The most popular size being 18cm
- Sizing your bracelet is easy with our sizing guide.

If you plan to load your Karma bracelet full of Karma Beads, we recommend adding up to 3cm to your wrist size in order to compensate. If you are looking to have only a few beads on your bracelet, we suggest only adding 2cm to your measured wrist size.

Tight wrist measurement - Recommended bracelet size:
15cm - 16cm
16cm - 17cm
17cm - 18cm
18cm - 19cm
19cm - 20cm
20cm - 21cm
21cm - 22cm
22cm - 23cm
23cm - 24cm

Max recommended 15-20 beads regardless of bracelet length.

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you identify Karma Beads charms by adding a Karma Beads product sash to each item of the collection. If you are in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Karma charms simply glide onto the non-clasp end of the Karma bracelet. Don’t worry, this is not permanent, all charms can be removed as easily as they are added and swapped and changed to your hearts content.

Be sure to keep your jewellery long-lasting by taking care of it.


Keep all your most treasured Karma Beads safe. The Thomas Sabo jewellery case is a stylish and ideal way to store your jewellery and is designed exclusively for the Karma Beads collection. Crafted from black fabric and etched with the Wheel of Karma design, the Karma Bead Jewellery Case features four jewellery compartments - a main opening for bracelets and 3 mini drawers to store beads.


- Avoid wearing your jewellery while being active in sport, gardening, swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, and cleaning.
- It is also advisable to remove jewellery before bathing and sleeping.
- Cosmetics, perfume, and cleaning supplies can varnish the sheen of certain materials, so we recommend removing jewellery before applying makeup and before heavy cleaning.
- We advise against using jewellery cleaners or dips on your jewellery as this can damage pearls and gemstones.
- Avoid exposing pearls to direct sunlight as UV radiation can bleach and damage the pearls.

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