Pandora Ethics


PANDORA has a committed ethical approach to its business.

I have personally witnessed the excellent working conditions in their production facility in Thailand. These conditions are born out of a fundamental belief that to produce high quality jewellery, the craftsman's health, welfare and safety must also be of a high standard.

In July 2009, PANDORA's manufacturing facilities in Thailand received the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

PANDORA also go to great lengths to ensure that all goods, services and metals supplied to them have been ethically sourced and has documentation to prove it.

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A good example of this is in in the summer of 2009, they introduced new charms made from wood. The wood charms were FSC-certified and developed in cooperation with the Rainforest Protection Initiative, which aims to protect tropical rainforests and the animals that live there.

PANDORA regularly makes substantial donations to various charitable causes. Probably it's most high profile campaign was it's Breast Cancer awareness initiative. This resulted in donations exceeding many £100,000s.