Interest Free Credit


Available on all orders over £280

Want to know more about how our interest-free credit payment option works? Find out below and call 0345 319 0008 to apply today

What is the interest-free credit payment option?

Interest-free credit is a another way to pay for online purchases with John Greed of more than £280. You will be taking out an interest-free loan (0% APR typical) with a finance company to enable you to do this.

Why pay with interest-free credit finance?

Our interest-free finance option (0% APR typical) will enable you to spread payment for your goods over 6, 12 or 24 months.

How does interest-free credit work?

Here is an example of how much you would pay if you spend £280 - the minimum amount you can apply to have credit for with John Greed.

  • With a basket total of £280
  • We ask you to pay a minimum 10% deposit of your basket total = £33.40
  • The amount of credit you would receive would be the remaining £300.60 - that’s £280 minus £33.40
  • If you pay this back over two years, that is 24 monthly instalments of £12.52
  • Over 12 months, you would repay £25.05 every month
  • Paying over six months, you would repay £50.10 every month
  • Interest-free credit means there are no additional charges to pay
  • The total amount that you pay back would be £300.60 (0%APR typical)

Please note that a minimum 10% deposit is required

Can interest-free credit be taken out on any of the products online?

Yes - as long as your total order has a basket value of £280 or more.

Can I apply for interest-free credit?

You must be 18 or over to apply for interest free credit and you must meet our finance provider’s lending criteria. , Our finance provider is Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance.

Who is the finance provider of the interest-free payment option?

Our finance option is provided by Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, 2 Apex View, Leeds, LS11 9BH

How do I apply for your interest-free credit option?

Our finance option is provided by Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, 2 Apex View, Leeds, LS11 9BH

When will the first payment be due?

The first payment is due 30 days after Hitachi has accepted you for finance. Hitachi will send you full information about your finance agreement.

Who can I contact for more information about your interest-free credit option?

If you have any further questions about our interest-free credit option, call one of our helpful customer service advisors on 0345 319 0008 (8:30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday) or email us at and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

Declined credit applications

If your application is declined by Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, you will be notified within 15 seconds of submission of the form online. You will receive a copy of the decision to decline letter by post, although it will not disclose the reason for the decision. However, it will give details of a credit agency where you can see your credit file.

If you are not happy about the decision, you may write to Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance and request further details about your application. Please clearly state the reason that you are writing and provide your name, address and postcode. Send this information to:

Customer Services, Pay by Finance, Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, 2 Apex View, Leeds LS11 9BH