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Pandora Silver Starter Charm Bracelet 590702HV
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Pandora Silver Starter Charm Bracelet 590702HV

SKU: p913 Manufacturer: 590702HV by Pandora

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The Pandora 590702HV Silver Starter Charm Bracelet, made from Sterling Silver is the perfect way to start your Pandora bracelets collection. This silver starter Pandora charm bracelet is expertly made to the highest quality. The outstanding range of genuine Pandora charms, beads and clips allows you to uniquely customise your bracelet. Crafted from sterling silver and fastening with a Pandora locking clip clasp, which also disguises as a bead, mark each of those special moments by threading your own original design onto the snake chain. Two nodes enable the bracelet to be separated into three sections and can be concealed by specially designed clip on charms. Then simply thread on charms of your choice! Unleash your creativity, mark your experiences and produce your own matchless piece of jewellery.

Crafted from sterling silver
Pandora locking clip clasp
Part of the Moments Collection

Size Guide
Available in 7 sizes: 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.
Please measure your wrist and add 3cm to get the required bracelet length.
This will allow enough room to fill a bracelet completely with beads.
(ie. if your wrist measures 16cm you will need 19cm.)

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