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Pandora 14ct Gold Teddy Bear Charm 750462
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Pandora 14ct Gold Teddy Bear Charm 750462

SKU: p3715 Manufacturer: 750462 by Pandora

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The lovable Pandora 14ct Gold Teddy Bear Charm is a wonderful addition for any occasion. Crafted from 14ct gold and hand finished, the cute bear has sweet face, fur and paw print detail. The ideal romantic charm for a loved one, a teddy is an ideal Valentine's Day gift. Perfect for any expectant mother or new mum, the little bear is a memorable way to mark the birth of a new baby. So versatile is this charm, that the meaning is personal to you, from a Christening or naming ceremony to simply as a treasured teddy treat. Whatever your style, Pandora has a bead designed just for you to remember your special moments, celebrate events and mark occasions.

Crafted from 14ct gold.
Part of the Moments collection.

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