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Pandora Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold Starter Bracelet 590702HG
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Pandora Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold Starter Bracelet 590702HG

SKU: p915 Manufacturer: 590702HG by Pandora

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The timeless Pandora Silver Bracelet with 14ct Gold Clasp is a luxurious, two tone take on the classic design. A 14ct gold locking charm style clasp with Pandora logo fastens the customisable bracelet and shines beautifully against the sterling silver. Part of the Pandora Moments Collection, the bracelet enables you to create a unique piece of jewellery by threading any genuine beads or charms onto the snake chain. Specially designed Pandora clips can be clipped around the two nodes of the bracelet which can work to separate the piece into three sections. Unleash your creativity marking each of those special moments and experiences with the high quality, hand finished phenomenon that is Pandora.

Crafted from sterling silver and 14ct gold.
Pandora 14ct gold locking clip clasp.
Part of the Moments Collection.

Size Guide
Available in 6 sizes: 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm and 23cm.
Please measure your wrist and add 3cm to get the required bracelet length.
This will allow enough room to fill a bracelet completely with beads.
(ie. if your wrist measures 17cm you will need 20cm.)

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